The Go Trainer

The Go Trainer is created to assist coaches and fitness practitioners in enhancing their athletes performance by adding extended resistance to their work - outs. Fitness enthusiasts who train individually will also be able to benefit from the products function by attaching themselves to machines and still objects such as beams, trees, cages etc. The product can also function as a self-navigated resistance system, which means that the operator can simultaneously attach bands to different parts of their body in order to perform resistance circuits. 

The Go Trainer consists of a vest, a pair of gloves, a pair of ankle straps as well as a set of resistance bands that work cohesively as a system and will provide multiple sources of external resistance during functional movement. The resistance bands connect to the built in attachments that will challenge the athlete to full capacity by introducing an easy to operate method of improving peak performance and functional movement.

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Myosource Resistance Bands

Order additional resistance bands in different weights and sizes for your Go Trainer. 


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E.P.I.C Foot Straps


E.P.I.C Foot Straps

An essential part of The Go Trainer used for agility drills and accessory work for the lower extremities.  

*2 short resistance bands provided*