Elite Performance Integrated Clothing (E.P.I.C.) is in the space of advanced sports performance equipment as well as fitness apparel. The company is directly targeting high performance athletes in highly competitive spaces. The company introduced the new wave of active wear product that infuses performance enhancement elements into wearable pieces in the year 2015. The E.P.I.C. mission is to introduce newer concepts of wearable product into the already existing market of performance enhancement equipment. 

The company's premier product is The Go Trainer, a self navigated resistance suit created with the intended use of special preparatory exercise. The product differs from other active wear companies in the way of utility. Conventional active wear pieces, sweat pants, weight vests, compression shirts are made solely for comfort and not for the purpose of function. In the field of athletics, external resistance is often used during training in order to enhance the level of performance. Such added stimulus is usually brought upon by the use of resistance bands, lightweights and other external forces. At times, this type of training is restricted due to the fact that some fitness practitioners lack the equipment needed to carry out the programs or they do not have access to the proper facilities. E.P.I.C has created a product that will assist coaches and fitness practitioners in enhancing their athlete’s performance by adding extended resistance to their work- outs in any environment. 

The Go Trainer consists of a vest, a pair of gloves, a pair of ankle straps as well as a set of resistance bands that work cohesively as a system and will provide multiple sources of external resistance during functional movement. The resistance bands connect to the built in attachments that will challenge the athlete to full capacity by introducing an easy to operate method of improving peak performance and functional movement. 

The system is designed to challenge the athlete to a level that is conducive to their advanced training goals. There are also rehabilitative components to this product. The system can be used to re - condition the joint functions of an injured athlete, a method that is usually conducted using light weights and assisted machines. 



Stanley Fortune has an extensive background in advanced contemporary and high fashion design. Having worked in the field, Stanley has an advanced understanding of handling wholesale accounts, manufacturing as well as sourcing fabric and materials. Stanley has successfully run his own apparel companies in the past, which has equipped him with the skill sets to contribute to E.P.I.C.

Having completed a Master's degree in Kinesiology, Aaron Veasley comes with over 12 years of expertise as a certified fitness practitioner. Aaron has also worked as a New York based personal trainer for the past 8 years and has developed sound relationships with relevant individuals in the fitness industry.

Alex Baril is a NASM certified fitness professional of 5 years with a background in engineering and fashion design. Also with experience in the strength and conditioning field, Alex understands concepts of bio mechanics as well as the intricacies of creating special preparatory equipment.